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Monthly activities to encourage patience, kindness and fun!

Thanks for your interest in Little Heroes. We’re not taking on any new subscribers right now but we may be back again in the future (existing subscriptions will still be fulfilled)

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What is Little Heroes?

Little Heroes is a new way to help families bring values like kindness to life, while helping to support the British Red Cross at the same time.

The activities are for kids of all ages, but we think 3 to 8-year-olds in particular will love them!

How it works


Sign up to a Little Heroes membership with a monthly donation from £7.50, and we’ll send you fun-filled activity packs every month for 12 months.


Enjoy your activity pack! Each one focuses on one of the four values: kindness, gratitude, patience and humour.


After you’ve collected the 48 activity cards over 12 months, we hope you’ll choose to continue your regular donation to the British Red Cross, turning good values into positive actions.

Little Heroes is supported by your monthly donation to the British Red Cross – that means you’re in total control and can stop your donation at any time.

What other families say

Hannah and Arya

“Really proud of Arya! She loves Little Heroes and so do I. She gets so excited checking the postbox for her activity pack each month”

Hannah and Arya (3 years old)

Milo and Kyli

“Kyli is so excited to get going with the activities when they arrive, this is such a lovely resource.”

Milo and Kyli (4 years old)

What’s in your pack?

Every pack is different from the last, so you go on a new adventure every month!

Your first pack contains:

  • Little Heroes wall planner
  • Little Heroes sticker set
  • Four fun activities cards
  • Parent’s guide
  • Little Heroes storybook
  • A fun-packed task sheet
  • Information about how your membership is helping the British Red Cross

What makes Little Heroes activities special?

Scissors illustration

Smart art

Time to set their imagination free and get hands-on.

Characters talking illustration

Shout about it

For the budding brainiacs to use rhyme and reason to explore good values.

Funny Bunny running illustration

Hop to it

They’ll need their superhero energy for these activities!

Smiley face illustration

Lightning round

Got 5 mins to spare? This is the activity for you.

Meet the heroes

Captain Kindness

Captain Kindness

Captain Kindness will help your little hero discover the joy of being kind to others and the importance of being kind to yourself – he shows the way with magical powers like compliments and empathy. Being kind helps little heroes feel more confident, relaxed and happy.

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny shows us all how looking on the bright side helps to make the most of situations and how to become more resilient. Plus, it’s a great way to make new friends. Gut-busting giggles and bonkers gags will have your little ones in stitches while they learn and play.

Gratitude Giant

Gratitude Giant

This hero is into saying ‘thank you’ in a BIG way. Being grateful releases the brain’s happy chemicals and little ones who are great at saying thanks tend to be more trusting and better at dealing with life’s little bumps in the road.

Patience Pal

Patience Pal

Patience Pal is all about the chill. Encouraging young people to live in the moment and stay calm and relaxed is an important part of avoiding anxiety and increasing mindfulness. Research has found that children who can wait patiently tend to be happier, less stressed and more hopeful for the future!

Why you’ll love your monthly activities

Each month you will receive an activity card from each category:

  • On the go fun: you can do them any time, any place!
  • Screen-free time: help your little one unplug
  • Interactive: move, chat and make things every month
  • Share your values: each activity will teach your child positive values
Captain Kindness activity card cover Captain Kindness activity card

Why us?

The British Red Cross works all around the world putting friendship and kindness into action. Positive values and strong principles fuel our work, and we’re passionate about helping to raise the next generation of little heroes.

British Red Cross logo


Where does my money go?

By signing up to Little Heroes, your money goes towards supporting the work of the British Red Cross, a charity that helps people in crisis all over the world.

How often will I receive a Little Heroes activity pack?

You’ll receive one pack a month for 12 months. We send the packs out at the end of each month, postage is already paid and the packs should fit straight through your letterbox.

What age is Little Heroes designed for?

The activities can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but we think children between three and eight will particularly enjoy them.

How long do the activities take?

The activities are designed to be adaptable and fit into parents’ busy schedules. Some can be as short as one minute, while others can take around half an hour or even longer if you want them to.

How do I change my details/cancel my donation?

Get in touch with our Supporter Care team at or on 0300 456 1155. You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Please also notify us if you do.

Who can I talk to for more information?

We’re happy to discuss the programme and would love to know what you think! Email us at

Little Heroes treehouse illustration