Fun family activities delivered to your door each month, specially designed to help you bring your little ones up with important life values.

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Thanks for your interest in Little Heroes! We’re all out of activity packs at the moment. If you would like information about when more activity packs will be available, please email us at

What is Little Heroes?

Little Heroes is a new way to help families bring values like kindness to life, while helping to support the British Red Cross at the same time.

The activities are for kids of all ages, but we think 3 to 8 year olds in particular will love them!

How it works


Sign up to Little Heroes membership for a monthly donation of £7.50, and we’ll send you activities in the post each month.


Your monthly pack will focus on one of the four values: kindness, gratitude, patience and humour.


There are 48 activity cards to collect over the 12 months, with bonus surprises along the way! *

Once your journey to Little Hero status is complete, we hope you continue to support the British Red Cross with an ongoing donation.

* As your membership with Little Heroes is a donation to the British Red Cross, you're in total control and can stop at any time.

What do other families think?

Hannah and Arya

“Really proud of Arya! She loves Little Heroes and so do I. She gets so excited checking the postbox for her activity pack each month”

Hannah and Arya (3 years old)

Milo and Kyli

“Kyli is so excited to get going with the activities when they arrive, this is such a lovely resource.”

Milo and Kyli (4 years old)

What’s in your pack?

A hero’s welcome!

Your welcome pack contains

  • Little Heroes wall planner
  • Little Heroes sticker set
  • Four fun activities cards
  • Parent’s guide
  • Little Heroes Storybook
  • A fun worksheet
  • Information about how your membership is helping the British Red Cross

Meet the heroes

Captain Kindness

Captain Kindness

Captain Kindness will help your little hero discover the magical power of compliments and how to read emotions. Being kind helps little heroes feel more confident, relaxed and happy.

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny

Gut-busting giggles help your little heroes make friends and become more resilient, and Funny Bunny is here to show you how! Laughter helps your little hero physically and emotionally by reducing stress and helping to keep their hearts healthy.

Gratitude Giant

Gratitude Giant

This giant knows that gratitude releases the brain’s happy chemicals. Heroes who are great at saying ‘thank you’ tend to be better at dealing with life’s bumps in the road and are more trusting of others.

Patience Pal

Patience Pal

Patience Pal knows that good things come to those who wait and can help your little heroes learn how to stay calm and relaxed. Research has found that heroes who can wait patiently tend to be happier, less stressed and more hopeful for the future!

Your monthly activity cards

Each month you will receive an activity card from each category:

  • Quick and fun: to be done wherever you are!
  • Arts and crafts: grab some household bits and bobs and get creative!
  • Energetic: time to get up and shake it all about!
  • Conversational: a chance to explore the value in more depth
Captain Kindness activity card cover Captain Kindness activity card

Why us?

The British Red Cross works all around the world putting friendship and kindness into action. Good values and strong principles fuel our work, and we’re passionate about helping to raise the next generation of little heroes.

British Red Cross logo


Where does my money go?

By signing up to Little Heroes you’ll be supporting the work of the British Red Cross - a charity that helps people in crisis all over the world.

How often will I receive a Little Heroes activity pack?

Activity packs will be delivered monthly for a total of 12 months. We send the packs out at the end of each month so that you and your little hero know when to expect your goodies through the door! Postage is already paid on the packs and they should fit straight through your letterbox - simple!

What age ranges are Little Heroes designed for?

The activities can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but we think children between three and eight will particularly enjoy them!

How long do activities take?

Each pack comes with a range of activities in to suit different times of the day! The fast and fun activities can be as short as one minute, the energetic ones can take around half an hour, and the conversational and craftsy ones can last even longer if you want them to. The activities are designed to be adaptable and fit into parents’ busy schedules.

How do I change my details/cancel my donation?

Get in touch with our lovely Supporter Care team at or on 0300 456 1155 for any donation queries or changes. To cancel your Direct Debit, you can do this at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Please also notify us if you do.

Who can I talk to for more information?

We would love to know what you think! Email us on or chat to us in our closed Facebook group.

Little Heroes treehouse illustration